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MAM Easy Start Colours of Nature Anti-Colic Bottle

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MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle is a global bestseller that allows babies to experience a smooth and relaxed drinking – just like when drinking from mother’s breast.

- MAM EASY START BOTTLE 80% of mothers confirm less colic, gas and regurgitation are reduced and babies enjoy a relaxed feedingBaby approved: 94% of babies* accept the MAM Teat, thanks to its SkinSoft surfaceThe MAM Teat has a unique flat shape that fits perfectly in baby’s mouth for a familiar feelingMAM’s innovative vented base allows babies to comfortably drink at their own paceSelf-sterilising function is safe and perfect for mums and babies who are always on the go!
Double sided printing - large, graduated scale on one side and adorable designs on the otherMAM Anti-Colic Bottle.

- Mam Bottle is the best choice for feeding expressed breast milk, right from start.

MAM Easy Start provides parents with the best possible protection against colic and makes it easy to switch between breast and bottle feeding.

- The unique vented base ensures a smooth flow of liquid, enabling babies to drink in a relaxed manner and without interruption.


-Spill-proof, protects against dirt

-Works as measuring cup even for the smallest amounts

2. MAM NIPPLE with SkinSoft silicone surface

-Unique flat shape – like mom’s breast during breastfeeding

-Ideal for combining with breastfeeding

-The perfect nipple for breast milk and formula

-Icon: 94% nipple acceptance.


-Easy filling

-Fast and easy cleaning thanks to removable base 


-Smooth drinking flow prevents baby from swallowing air

-Reduces air bubbles and colic

- The valve in the base of the bottle prevents the formation of air bubbles and stops the liquid from foaming. This creates a smooth drinking flow and prevents baby from swallowing air. The result is less colic and a more relaxed.

- Abdominal colic is a frequent problem in early infancy. However, even though numerous studies can be found on the subject, the cause of abdominal colic is still unknown. Among other methods, ventilated bottles are discussed as a way to reduce the symptoms in colicky babies.

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