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Mommy J Baby Organic Grain (baby food)

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1)MOMMY J STEP 1 - Natural pearl white rice
It is one of the best choices for babies to add supplementary food. The main factor is that they have starch that is not easy to cause allergies. However, natural pearl white rice is the most easily digested and nutrient-rich for babies, especially the protein and amino acid composition is very complete; it is beneficial to the baby's development and health. In addition, the natural pearl white rice can promote the casein in milk powder to form soft small clots, making milk powder easy to digest and absorb. Natural pearl white rice porridge can also help your baby sweat, dissipate heat and expel colds, and alleviate colds and other symptoms. So from the beginning of adding complementary foods, natural pearl white rice porridge is often accompanied by the baby's food.
* Suitable for 6 months or more

2)STEP 2 - Baby Organic Natural DUO-Grain
When your baby has been taking STEP 1 Baby Organic Mono-Grain for a while, it's time to introduce STEP 2 Baby Organic Duo-Grain. This is a special formula to allow your baby's gastrointestinal nutrients to be absorbed. This formula can help your baby soothe your stomach and your body, and the milk protein in millet can also help your baby's bones develop more comprehensively.
* Suitable for 6 months or more

3)STEP 3 - Baby Organic Natural TRI-Grain
STEP 3 Baby Organic Tri-Grain is specially formulated for 8-month-old babies to provide an easily digested superfood-Bai Limai (Xiaomi). Quinoa is small in size, easy to cook, soft and waxy, suitable for babies Delicate stomach. Lei Mai has a variety of colors, among which the white endosperm has the highest content and is the easiest to cook. It has the best taste and is also suitable for babies. Quinoa is rich in trace elements, especially high in calcium, iron, and zinc. It is most likely to be lacking by babies.
* Suitable for 8 months or more

4)STEP 4 - Baby Organic Natural MULTI-Grain
STEP 4 Baby Organic Multi-Grain is specially formulated for 10-month-old babies to provide more comprehensive nutrition to the baby's overall growth and development at this stage. There are six types of cereals with high nutrition density and high nutritional value. Mineral-rich, high-quality complete protein cereals. Since the baby's stomach is not fully developed at this time, cereals that are too high in fiber are not recommended for babies. So our formula is made of Bario Alpine Red, which is very suitable for baby's stomach black rice.
* Suitable for 10 months or more

5)STEP 5 - Baby Organic Natural SUPER-Grain
STEP 5 Baby Organic Natural Super-Grain is specially formulated for babies 18 months and older, and even adults. Mainly added natural pearl brown rice. Because the baby's digestive system of 18 months or older can already digest brown rice rich in dietary fiber.
* Suitable for one and a half years or older to adults

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